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Bollywood has always been associated with vivid imagery and high drama, and the Traditional hand painted hindi cinema posters of yesteryears held up that image.

‘Bollywood’, has always been associated with vivid imagery and high drama, and the traditional hand painted Hindi cinema posters of yesteryears held up that image. This art form has improved its techniques achieving a high sophistication since the birth of the cinema The beautiful colors and expressive paintings of the actors and actresses were clues to the narrative technique used in the movie. Romance, suspense, action and emotion all were depicted through the skill fully crafted posters. Through the changing Bollywood trends, the art of the traditional hand-made posters too had evolved reflecting the tone of the movies.. Contribution of these painted posters to the world of Indian cinema has been phenomenal.

The posters of 1950s movies were restrained, simple yet depicting powerful expressions, which captured the theme of the movies of the era. The 1970’s films, on the other hand, were all about song dance and the typical Bollywood "masala" which were depicted through brightly colored posters. Horror images, sensual figures and the brave hearts of Indian Cinema all came alive through the brilliant artistry. But with the coming of digitally printed posters, hand-painted posters have now become extinct. The hand painted cinematic image, once ordinary, now acquires the status of a unique art form.


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